Go, Perl, scalability & database consulting... and more

Develooper LLC is a small (tiny even!) consulting shop. We do work for both big and small, but we enjoy working with smaller companies (or independent divisions of bigger ones). Some services we offer.

Development and infrastructure areas of expertise

High traffic dynamic web sites and services, how to make the gears turn smoothly.

We can do or help with the "core architecture" planning, the implementation, a combination or even the cleanup after someone else has been through.

Some projects are just a day or two of brainstorming and drawing on a whiteboard, some a few weeks of development and some span years of ongoing development and maintenance.


Virtually all our "free" time goes to the NTP Pool and other existing projects, so we're not in a position to take on new unrelated projects at this time. Consulting availability is strictly on a cool stuff, first-served basis! :-) Our project schedule is ever busy and revolving, so we might not have time on your schedule. Get in touch and we'll help you in one way or another.

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Expensive, but so worth it!


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Assorted projects

Historical projects