distributed.net client upgrader

This tool hasn't been updated since 1999 or maybe 2000. If it's useful to you, please feel free to update it and send me a link to the new URL for it.

This is a utility to assist managing large installations of the dnetc program.

The latest version is 0.21 which besides only working on Linux/i386, works pretty well. If you have another platform get it anyway and send me a mail, I can have it fixed shortly. (Except for windows where you will have to send me a patch).


It's really really easy.


This is really really really easy.

That's it, you are now ready to try it out by running ./dnetcup url.to.config ~/dnetc.. If you have any problems, questions, ideas or patches, they are welcome on the dnetcup@lists.netcetera.dk mailinglist.